Ancestry DNA Coupons and 15 Other Things You Can Learn on YouTube.

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15 Amazing Things You Can Learn on YouTube

YouTube, where ordinary people reach limitless audiences, is a universe of knowledge waiting to be tapped. Although the videographers are amateur, their skills and experiences are anything but. There is no better place to acquire essential, everyday knowledge than on YouTube, and best of all, it’s free.

First Example: Find Ancestry DNA Coupons

Curious about what DNA tests would say about where you came from? The trouble is that these DNA test kits tend to be expensive. But if you search on YouTube, you can find digital coupons that certain YouTubers give out that’ll save you 15% off one of their DNA tests. Now, back to our big list of 15 things you can learn on YouTube:

In particular, there are 15 amazing things you can learn on YouTube. Your YouTube instructor walks you through the fine-tuned steps that they have honed themselves through experience and dedicated practice. No one is better suited to teach you such amazing things!

Of the various things you can learn from YouTube, there are three main categories: life skills, health and wellness, and above and beyond.

Life Skills

Life skills are those that are typically neglected in formal education but help you considerably in life. Although only three are listed here, YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning just about any life skill.
• How to knit
• How to sew
• How to cook

Of these, cooking is the most diverse. Chefs from all over the world come together to share their broad knowledge of their craft. You can quickly learn a multitude of recipes, from easy to complicated, from formally trained instructors.

Health and Wellness

YouTube is the perfect place to learn about health and wellness, bettering your mind and body, and find everything from green living to exercise. The instructors are highly experienced and strongly motivated to reach new audiences, so when you reach out to them through a comment, you can expect a personal response. Here are a few offerings:
• Start an herb garden
• Care for a baby
• Sleep better
• Learn Yoga

• Exercise
• Meditate

YouTube makes it easy to follow a particular channel, too. If you have a favorite instructor, you can keep up with them daily. That is especially useful when it comes to fitness.

Fitness is one of the broadest categories, filled with variety and expertise. On YouTube, you can find dance fitness, Zumba, aerobics, body weight training, resistance training, home workouts, and much more.

Above and Beyond

Within the above and beyond category of things you can learn on YouTube are a mixture of life skills and health and wellness, as well as some situational skills. However, the difference here is that these skills may come up less frequently than those listed in the previous two categories. For example, learning what to expect after a particular operation or procedure is not likely to come up often, but this information is incredibly valuable when the situation does arise.
• How to change your car oil
• How to fix a toilet
• Design a room
• Host a party
• Care for a pet
• Recover from an operation or procedure

What sets YouTube apart from other learning mediums is the accessibility of the instructors, the ease of attaining the information (on any smart device), and the fact that it is all free.

In reality, we all have some expertise to offer the world, and YouTube is the primary outlet for sharing that knowledge. So, take advantage of the amazing things you can learn on YouTube.