Free Discount Codes and 5 Simple Traffic Strategies for Promoting an Info Product

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Among the many business opportunities available online, info products are a great way to develop a consistent income stream. Almost every niche has an audience looking for cutting edge information, with many willing to pay rather than go searching for everything they require. In most cases, info products have reasonable start up costs, limited ongoing expenses, and a high profit potential, making them a great choice for creative entrepreneurs on a limited budget. That’s why we went to to find discount codes, vouchers, and more. We’ll explain in a second.

Driving traffic to your offer will be one of the biggest challenges, though, requiring a solid plan that will deliver a consistent flow of visitors. The following traffic strategies can all be used to successfully promote an info product.

Offer Incentives (i.e. Discount Codes) To Your Existing Customers

You can turn your first students into ambassadors for your own product. Here’s how: give them coupon codes that’ll save new people a certain percentage off your product. These coupons are unique: if someone uses it, it’ll be a referral for that student. You can then give the original person a percent off a future product. You can see a big-time like GoDaddy utilizes this strategy on sites like this:

Create an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a proven method for generating traffic to info products, with vendors of all sizes uses this strategy. While you could use software to run your own program, there are marketplaces that make the process easier. Common examples include JVZoo, ClickBank, Udemy, and Gumroad. Using an established marketplace lets you tap into a large pool of affiliates searching for products to promote, making the process of recruitment far easier. You could, however, promote your affiliate program to your own product buyers, with this audience often knowledgeable and connected within the niche.
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Leverage Facebook

Facebook is a platform with enough active users to build an entire business around. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on a single traffic source, but Facebook can become a major driver of visitors. Along with creating a product page and interacting with groups, there are a couple of features to assist product owners. Creating a Facebook store lets you add a purchase button directly to your page, reducing the need to exist the site. Custom Audiences allows you to upload buyer or subscriber lists, so you can target advertisements to prime prospects.

Use Reciprocal Promotions

Combining with a small number of partners allows you access to leads that would take time and money to acquire. Each partner would send a promotion to their email list or social network, with a number of their followers, assuming you operate in related niches, having an obvious interest in your products. Excessive promotions can see you lose the attention of your own leads, but sporadic mailings help you to grow quickly.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an effective strategy because you are already targeting people interested in relevant information. When you can provide quality information for free, people will naturally be curious about your paid products. Guest blogging on quality sites lets you reach a targeted audience, while also offering a benefit to the site owner. Additionally, you could create content for your own site using authority figures, whether that is an article quote, podcast interview, or video collaboration.

Create Quality Videos

Video is an effective strategy due to the numbers of people who would rather watch than read content. If you sell a video course, taking some of the content can act as a teaser. Even if the course is written content, though, you could still create a video tutorial as a promotional tool. Good video marketing will give viewers some actionable content they can use, but will still leave them wanting more.

With these traffic strategies in place, driving traffic to your info product should not be a problem. If you can master driving traffic online, you also open up many new opportunities for earning revenue. Many experts have created quality info products that offer real value to consumers, but they have struggled to send enough visitors to create any buzz. By partnering with other product owners, or potentially even purchasing the product, you can quickly start to build a publishing portfolio. Whichever direction you decide to focus your business, traffic will be one of the most important core skills you will learn online.